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Core Word of the Week: Open

Try to use the word open this week. Remember to use the word in different ways: requesting, commenting, commanding, and exclaiming.

Here are some ideas: open a snack, open a book, open a door, and open a box.

Books: “Dora's Lift and Look Book" by Nickelodeon, Open the Barn Door by Christopher Santoro, Where's Spot? by Eric Hill, (Any book with flaps!)

Toys: Cariboo game, open/close play kitchen doors, Melissa and Doug latches activity board, open/close cash register

2 Word Combinations: open it, want open, you open, I open, no open

3 Word Combinations: I want open, I open it, you open it, you open it, I open door, you open door

Where to find it on the device:

WordPower 42 Basic: Actions>Open

WordPower 60 Basic: Open (in the middle of the home page)

Meet the SLP

Maureen Ferrucci MS, CCC-SLP

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