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If you have concerns about the speech of a student in your class, refer the child to I & RS. You may obtain a referral packet from the guidance counselor assigned to your grade level.  Incomplete referral packets can not be accepted as all pertinent information is needed to determine if an evaluation is warranted.  Sound errors within developmental expecations do not warrant an evaluation.   


Speech concerns include speech that is difficult to understand, voice disorders, and stuttering.  Stuttering is referred to as Fluency in the NJ Code.  Note this is different from reading fluency or math fluency. 


Eligibility for speech therapy is determined by the NJ Code 6A:14-3.6.  Documentation of an adverse educational impact is required by the student's teacher.  

If you have concerns about the language of a student, refer the child to I & RS.  Student with language difficulty may have academic challenges, behavioral challenges, and/or social-emotional challenges.  When warranted, the child study team evaluates the child to determine their strengths and weaknesses.  Eligibility for special education and related services (ie. speech-language therapy) is determined by the NJ Code

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