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Learn Language with Eetchy!

This year we will continue to use the Expanding Expression Tool™ (EET) developed by Sara Smith, MS, CCC-SLP to improve language skills. This tool, Eetchy, lets the children learn many language skills in a fun way. One of the ways we use Eetchy is to describe items. Each color represents one thing to describe about the item. For example, a football is sports equipment (green - group - What group does it belong to?) which is thrown, caught, or punted (blue - do- what do you do with it?). A football is usually 11 inches long, a oval/prolate spheroid shape, and brown in color (eye ball- looks like). It is made of several leather panels sewn around a rubber bladder (brown/wood - what is it made of). The parts include laces, bladder, and leather exterior (pink - parts). A football is found on a football field and can be purchased at a sports store.

Older students can use this tool to work on writing, including biographies or research reports.

We target vocabulary, classifying, describing, attributes, and verbs/function, just to name a few!

Meet the SLP

Maureen Ferrucci MS, CCC-SLP

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