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Welcome to my speech-language website.  Families can find resources to support their child with speech-language goals.  Staff members can find information about about communication disorders and speech-language therapy. 

Is your child working on clearing up speech sounds? Visit the Speech Sounds/Articulation section. 

Is your child working on auditory comprehension or verbal expression? Visit the Language section. 

Does your child stutter? Visit the Smooth Speech/Stuttering Section. 

About Me

I obtained my master's degree in speech language pathology from La Salle University.  This is my seventh year working at Silver Run in Millville, and I love it!  Before I became a speech therapist, I worked as a special education teacher for 4th grade and 7th grade.  I also had the opportunity to work with children on the autism spectrum at a private school.  

I married my high school sweetheart, so we've been together over 20 years!  We have two amazing children.  Bella, my fifth grader, enjoys playing piano, drama club, painting, hanging out with her friends, and caring for animals.  My son Dante, who is in third grade, loves soccer, piano, math, Minecraft, and developing games on Roblox.  

Maureen Ferrucci MS, CCC-SLP

We love to travel around the world especially to tropical destinations with beaches.  My favorite hobbies are reading, watching tv, playing computer games with my kids, crocheting, and playing ukulele/flute/piano/guitar.

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