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Please email your child's therapist if you have any questions or concerns. 

Executive Director of Special Services

Stephen Matusz 856-327-6015

Counseling Social Workers

Beth DeForest

Elementary and Lakeside  


Jaclyn Eppright

Lakeside and Thunderbolt

856-293-2420 x. 3368

Audrey Muller

Lakeside and Thunderbolt

856-293-2420 x. 6018

Chelsea Santiago

Senior High School

856-327-6040 x. 1712



Occupational Therapy

Yansi Alvarado-Cardona, OTR/L 

Child Family Center, Silver Run, District Evaluator

Please refer to the Child Family Center Resources and Supports Facebook page for weekly postings of OT preschool videos and activities

Amy Vandyk, COTA/L

Bacon, Mt. Pleasant, Rieck, Holly, Lakeside, Memorial, Senior, Assists with district evaluations and screens


Johanna Gaudio, OTR/L

Silver Run, Rieck, Assists with district evaluations 

Physical Therapy

Kimberly Reis - Entire District

Speech Language Therapy

Ashley Anderson, MS, CCC-SLP

Holly Heights School

Mrs. Anderson's Speech and Language Activities
Elementary Remote Learning Activities

(856) 389-6605

Megan Fawley, MS, CCC-SLP

Child Family Center

Silver Run Elementary School

Preschool Remote Learning Activities

Elementary Remote Learning Activities
(609) 666-2821

Maureen Ferrucci, MS, CCC-SLP

Silver Run Elementary

Mrs. Ferrucci's Website

Elementary Remote Learning Activities

(856) 200-8160

Melissa Flynn, MA, CCC-SLP

Lakeside Middle School

Memorial and Senior High School

Lakeside, Memorial, & Senior Remote Learning Activities
(856) 413-5178

Debra Hayes, MS, CCC-SLP

Mt. Pleasant, Bacon, and Rieck  Ave. Schools

Elementary Remote Learning Activities
856) 413-5327

Kelley McAvoy, MA, CCC-SLP

Rieck  Avenue Elementary School

Miss. Kelley's Remote Learning Activities 

(Please check link weekly for updated activities)

(856) 362-4810

Lori Noble, MS, CCC-SLP

Child Family Center

Courtney Robbins, MS, CCC-SLP

Child Family Center

Preschool Remote Learning Activities
(856) 362-4844

Jamie Sorin

Child Family Center

Rieck Avenue School

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